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Las Venturas Playground 3.0 BetaTeam
Nickname: Cave
Registered? Of Course!

Why Me?: As a Los Santos Role Play tester, I have experience in testing and/or finding bugs and suggestions, I beleive this can help me in the Las Venturas Playground BetaTeam. I have also tested a couple of other servers, including the ColdThugZ One, and LS:RP. mIRC is my way of life basically, I'm on 4PM-11PM Weekdays and all day and night at weekends. I am deffiantly willing to join and re join a server at any time, and of course I will not share the information with any other player. I am also a trusted player, regardless of that little "Situation", I have to admit, I have flamed in the past, but that was the past, it's all behind me. I also have loved LVP since I started playing waaay back, so S would like to help in helping the server in any way, shape and form I can. I also am available to join any server most of the day and night, and any time at weekends.

Nick: tomozj
Registered: Yeah! :D

Why should you pick me?
Well. I could go on about how you can trust me, being in the crew and all, and how I'm active, but that's nothing special. I am way too active on IRC/Forums, but I believe that I have a technological mind. I'm really interested in the scripting side of things, as well as the front end. I can work out how situations happen in my head, which might help out when you're debugging. I also believe that you like sharing cools info with meh, like that reverse-engineered GTA:SA code! :D

At the end of the day, I believe that I can help you. I'm interested in LVP3 and how it works, and I believe it's going to be a great success. I have the right mindframe to help you out, and I am active enough to not bugger off while you need me most. I believe you trust me, so that is good. :+

I'm also in this to learn! No?

Good luck to picking your betatesters :)
Nick: Active
Registered: Yes
Why should you pick me?

Same as Makaveli .. if got more then 190 hours on LVP in 4.5 weeks, im trustwhorthy and a friendly player on LVP.
Im "active" on the Forum/IRC and sinds 5 days on Teamspeak, im also friended with admins and many players.
Im 100% sure you have the right person if you choose me, i love playing on LVP and i want to do everything for LVP.

Registered: Yes
IRC: A lot
Forums: A lot

Why should you pick me?

I'm a trustworty person who helped JUTD a few times already with his testing for 2.x. I'm am interested in LVP and especially in 3.0. I'm having vacation now(back in 1.5 week) so I can be on enough in the next coming weeks after my vacation. I don't mind rejoining and all as it is for the good of LVP.
But remember if the testing is for the next 1 or 2 weeks you'd better ask someone else as I am not able to be on in that time.

I'm curious on who will be chosen.

Edit: I'm back since Tuesday/
Nick: Stef
Registered: Yes
Trustworthy: Hmm.. I consider myself to be that, yes
Why: I am aware of the concept of testing as in doing things over and over again and finding ways on how things could be bugged. I would also like to give feedback on how new features will be, once released in the public, but I can't participate in any beta testing after the 17th of July until the 5th of August. If the beta testing is done before the 17th I can participate, but if it takes longer then that I think it's better to scrap me.
Nick: Grove
Registered: Yes
Forums: Over 1000 Posts
mIRC: Everyday :)


I think I would be good a testing, I have quite a bit of Scripting Knowledge, I can easily Identify Bugs, I am availble at any time of the day/night, and I have played LVP for over 500 hours :D

Nick: Radiance
IRC: Yes
Registered: Yes
Why me: I think that I'm a trustworthy and friendly player, but also a would love to help LVP a hand. And I've got vacation atm, so a lot of freetime (no work)  :) So I can almost always be there.
Nick: Turkey

IRc: Yes

Registered: Yes

Why I want to candidate :

I'm sure, I'm able to recognize Bugs,after I'm told what the features are and usually should be and I want to take a look of how you guys develope(step by step), as I also wish to be a Gamedeveloper. I'm proud LVP Veteran (:P) and someone who you can trust. I would have ~7 hours a week time for the Bughuntings!
nick: Tmuts
Reg: YES
wHy:welll, i just play enough on LVP to recognize funn stuff.. irritating/confusing stuff
im not that much help in coding etcetera .. well im just a normal player @ lvp :)

Peter Break: get lost with those irritating modbreaks. Please translate it a bit to English and add some motivation why you'd like to be part of the LVP 3.0 betateam :)
Nickname: TriggeR
IRC: Almost all day between 11.00 and 21.00
Registered: Yes

I'd like to help the LVP developers with testing there new features. I would like to test all new functions, and giving ideas / tips how to get the final result better. Do this with many testers, and the result would be perfect! I will not share any information about the features / commands / gameplay of LVP 3.0, you can trust me to this.

- What can we make better?
- Are there any bugs?
- What is wrong?

Such questions should we try to resolve, and fix them. We should help LVP to get to the top. Make LVP the best "Freeroam" server of SA-MP! :)