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Hello people and happy new year all of you.  First of all I should mention that there are many problems connected to this issue which is called "BAN"...  Its being 3 year I am here with you guys and I meet similar problems...There are players who are flaming and posting threads about their ban and they say that the BAN was without reason or it was silly reason. I think the reason is that there are no BAN rules..... (if they already are I am so sorry )  ... You guys should make a list of BAN rules after many "discussion" and make them clear for all of us  ,for the next time ... Doing this I think people will realize what exactly is forbidden on lvp , make us fully aware (I am fully awared here, I am not "NEW").... And I must underline that "warning someone" before ban is better thing to do than ban immediately .    8)7 8)7 See you guys around...
(01-06-2018, 08:32 AM)Matrix_Smith Wrote: That being said, personally I do agree that a kick would have been a preferred alternative in this case, and that this ban is a bit too prompt. 
that is how management should act..
I of all people share his opinion. Fully agreed.
+1 gays
You've all played here long enough to know the rules, If you get banned its your own fault.
me no pley longe
Fuck off Sleep, I've known you a very long time, You're just trying to be popular.
managers pretend to be active and care but they really don't, sadly.
Saba, the rules are very simple compared to what we used to have and hopefully it stays that way. Just need to be addressed properly.
If I recall correctly, we used to receive a load of reports for such thing called "abuse" than players actually hacking and stuff. Crew members barely had the interest because of the amount of rules that were introduced to please the crying babies. Not to mention the confusion.

This is a game after all and the focus should be on having fun.

(01-07-2018, 03:51 AM)Lash Wrote: managers pretend to be active and care but they really don't, sadly.

It's absurd to have them doing almost everything and depend on them don't you think?
It was amazing to see back then how many of us who were complaining ended up working together and made quite some improvements to this server.
We did something alone or together, with little to no knowledge of coding, mapping, special rights or managers to depend on.