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Expiration time on houses
(05-14-2020, 09:40 PM)Russell Wrote: We're thinking about re-introducing something like plus points again for LVP 45, as part of a feedback system :) Would love to hear ideas about that too!

Personally, I feel that the extended bank capacities should've been enabled via plus points like in the past - where players could either spend time on activities to earn them, or get rewarded by crew members for various reasons, like completing a challenging hunt by DoctorG on special occasions, taking initiatives to host events for players (cruises, robbery/LYSE minigames, etc.), or completing some other challenging tasks like this climbing this stairway, on which I spent 2~2.5 hours, and found nothing at the end of it - except for a nuke from ScarTissue[NL]! ;(

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Perhaps we could try re-introducing stuff like this and give players more things to do, and possibly get rewarded in some ways?
On behalf of the US President that many of us don't like I hereby give the green light.

On top of that, we could introduce maybe monthly expenses since the majority of players have a lot of money sitting in their bank without many options to spend it on.
Tax based system? More than 1 house, more on taxes?