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[Event] DoctorG's Weekly Hunt
Hey guys!  O+

I'm starting a weekly event: a hunt around Las Venturas for different places!

How can I join?

It doesn't matter if you're a player or a crew member, anyone can join. Let's take an example: you have to find this place. As soon as you're there, take a screenshot (like this) and send it to me. Please use imgur to upload your screenshot.

Edit: it's not even been half an hour and I had to delete 2 spoilers. Please do NOT post your screenshots or hints here, this will get you disqualified.

What do I get out of it?

With each correct guess you earn $10 million, just make sure to remind me of it when you see me in-game. More over, the first to get to 25 guesses earns a VIP status (or something else we can agree upon in case they already have it). I'll update this post with the standings after the first round.

A new hunt will begin every Tuesday week. Without further ado, this is the first week's place:

Week #1

[Image: OsOeQsz.jpg]

Good luck!


22 points: Palmer
14 points: Murder3r
8 points: Dr.Specifer
3 points: Death$tar
2 points: Muphin, New_Boy, t0m93
1 point: 4rjan, Aceboiah, Golk3r, Hellboy, Jasmine, slein, yeezus
/nrg goes now fast

I got it LOL
Nice! but where the f... is this?
Burgershot... now I want a hamburger....
(09-26-2017, 06:48 PM)[BBG]4rjan Wrote: /nrg goes now fast

I got it LOL

You're the first one, congrats!

(09-26-2017, 06:51 PM)slein Wrote: Nice! but where the f... is this?

Go look for it! :+
May i give hints :P?
Death$tar spoiler xD
It's cool! It's nice to host events from time to time!
(09-26-2017, 06:54 PM)[BBG]4rjan Wrote: May i give hints :P?

Do as you wish but in private only.

@Death$tar: did you read the instructions? Do NOT post it here.
Good initiative doc :D
Just to be clear because some of you asked me about it, this is not a first-come, first-served basis. You get one point for each correct guess. The first one to get 25 points (25 weeks) wins.

I'm also aware this was an easy place to start with. Don't worry, things won't be like this forever. :)