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Expiration time on houses
Hi all -

There are 1,241 house locations on Las Venturas Playground. Of those, 1,125 are occupied, which is roughly 91%. The rest is available for purchase. Looking at the occupied houses, only 28% of owners has been in-game in the past year. That's a really small proportion. It grows to 45% and 63% when extending that period to respectively two and three years.

This makes me feel that houses are a bit of a graveyard on Las Venturas Playground, which I don't support. As such, I'd like to propose that we start expiring houses. This would happen automatically, with no interference necessary from administrators.

House expiration would follow what gang zones do, and would thus expire when:
  • The owner has >500 hours of in-game time, and hasn't been online for 2 years,
  • The owner has >200 hours of in-game time, and hasn't been online for 1 year,
  • The owner hasn't been online for 6 months.
Players with more than 1,000 hours of in-game time will always keep their house. We should consider extending the expiration time for VIPs to two years as well.

This would immediately free up 69% of houses created on the server, because their owners do not match the above criteria. For active players, this means that many great house locations will become available again.

What do you think?

It's a cool thought , I think there must be a refund money of 80-170 million for all those who are going to be losing houses . And by that way we will be notifying them that they're houses have been evicted .
I definitely agree that we should expire houses whose owner have not been active in a long time. Great suggestion Russell!

Can we add a poll to the post to make it easier to see the yes/no numbers? O+

Totally agree with this.
Indeed, that will free up a lot of slots for new and some regular players to look for a place they like the most.

I think its cool to see houses that belongs to someone we know. However I understand we cant save it for them for so long.

+1 on extending it for VIP's
Also, is there a limited ammount of online hours in order to purchase a house? Kind of a pluspoint system.
We're thinking about re-introducing something like plus points again for LVP 45, as part of a feedback system :) Would love to hear ideas about that too!
I really dont like this idea.. It's cool to drive around and see everyone's nicknames again and the houses they once bought. Some guys really tried hard to get all of their houses in the same spot like R2D's for example. And now according to this rule some of them would have their houses removed because its been a while since the last time they joined the server. While many members from their clan are still actively playing.

"Houses should probably expire after some point, because the server shouldn't become a graveyard."

- Well that's just one way of looking at it lol

But I dont understand, what is the point of letting VIP's to have up to 3 houses? If you want to make us privileged, two houses would be just enough. There is an example of a player who has 3 different VIP accounts just so that he can have 9 houses in total. To me this is a nonsense, if there is already some limit, one guy shouldn't be allowed to take 9 slots. Let players have 1 house each, VIP's maximum up to 2, and guys like Hurracan or whatever the guy's nickname was, should have the number of their houses kept within sanity. This could already fix things.

Or if you are going for this expiration method anyway, I would only suggest that players with 500+ hours ig should keep their houses permanently.
Five hundred hours are absolutely nothing nowadays. I believe that players with 1000 to 1,500 hours should be given permanent housing. It will be a challenging task to achieve such a chance. Furthermore, the price of house purchase should increase now as bank vault capacity is increased from $2,000,000,000 to $5,354,228,880 (correct me if I am wrong with the value) so players will work hard on money with the passage of time spent on the server to ensure the safety of their house properties.