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server.cfg | Lag Compensation mode
We would really like seeing this around LVP, @cake.
(01-13-2018, 12:36 PM)Batata45 Wrote: Yes, uL and many lagshot based game mode use lagcomp 2, and compesate the lag afterwards. There's a plus to this kind of plugins, you can easily switch between lagshot and skinhit just by typing a command, which can be useful for some events or whatever we find a use for

You mean server side scripts like these:


Handling skin hit via server side is much better than having sa-mp take care of it client side. But I'm interested to see how lag compensation without player rotation sync turns out. It's not like player rotation sync works remotely well anyways
This is not a CW server but a deathmatch server. Too much accuracy and every hit count will not be liked by most of players.
But yes server sided skinhit damage handling will be bad for health hackers uzi bug abusers also headshot abusers.
We've accepted your suggestion. George made the necessary changes a couple of weeks ago.