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This is small story thingy about my experience which pops up in me sometimes.. Back then, when i was a Highschool guy... It was Viva time with external subject HODs and teachers. as usual i was pretty confident because i considered myself to be self-trained in counter mechanisms when comes up to dealing with twisted questions XD. so, they were supposed to ask 5 questions.. I greeted them and started up with introduction.. Out of 5 ques, there was 1 i got stuck in.. thats what i want to share -
my adrenaline rush was increasing as ques were numbering up, i was managing both my mental stability plus reasoning ability.. without wasting more time lets move to ques, one of them asked me "Do you have any disadvantage atm?" i said "over whom?" He said "Healthy person"... I started thinking bout old booklet stuff and something to just make-up. i said "Yes i am totally fine atm, also my BMI matches the right range. I am fit interanlly and externally" ( i expected he would ask me about BMI range now) He said  hmm.... "You forgot something, Your specs". my brain was stunned for small time.. I was wearing reading glasses and i never thought about it, how the heck it happened. I said "Myopia, nearsightedness (explaining bout it).. after viva, i was returning back to home thinking about it -
bcz he said " You know you are dealing with it but your brain refused to tag it up with the word "disadvantage". you never considered it is something you need to change and is backing you off and because you never took it as a disadvantage, you marked it as something general.. and the moment you marked it general thats when you erased the word "disability for me" because you got specs now you have no problem with it.
He didnt told me the exact meaning "specs" part but i digged up the meaning.