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Regarding Deer_Hunter
(01-08-2017, 06:38 AM)Legeoner Wrote: Like if the players reports deer hunter it turns to "Vendetta" and a player named "Shark" comes to lvp and favor deer hunter do you know how many thing bad he did to us you just came after a long time and said re-promotion of deer hunter management took an action about deer hunter what is wrong about that? why do we complaint section in this fourms

It's funny that all people who supports deer's demotion in this topic, got banned by him for hacks or rulebreaking while other dmers who's mostly equal/better doesn't have any issues at all.I

am pretty sure the 'pros' who complain about getting banned wrongfully by deer,will complain about me too if I bust them instead.(Happened more than once in my case)
Diablo? do you still have the same opinion about my mom you used to have months ago, usually after I was killing you using the RC baron?

And btw, not all of them.
I don't flame people or their family because of a game.But I do remember your playstyle and I don't wonder why you behave like this.And you hate deer because of an ineffective complaint

you made about Edz.You are not even an active player so you can't judge someone when you don't even see their activities.
Hate? Cmon, he's not that important to me. And I can judge whoever and however I want. Even just reading the forum threads allows me to sum up an opinion about someone.

Oh and btw, dunno lately how you've been behaving, but months ago you used to flame. Maybe your latest rank stops you from behaving like you used to, which is actually a good thing, keep up the good work!
lol see? this guy is baiting Diablo just like they used to bait Deer.

proof right here regarding what i said.
Someone's butthurt this year.
This thread is needless, and almost every one shared their thoughts so close this now lol and if anyone still wants to say something, PM Deer.

Close it.
Some people are getting offended over opinions, lets close it yo!
The Staff can close this? is done, nobody can do nothing against Deer_Hunter no more's.

PS:I don't like fights :x