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LVP Code of Conduct
Hi all,

A few months ago, we introduced a Code of Conduct as an experiment for all development related to Las Venturas Playground. This has proven to be very successful, so today we’re announcing that the Code of Conduct will apply to the community at large.

When communicating with others on any of our services, which includes the Las Venturas Playground SA-MP server, the forums, IRC and GitHub, we expect you to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. In short:
  • Be friendly and patient. Everyone is from a different background with varying expertise and knowledge. Don't assume that others know something you do.
  • Be welcoming. It may take new players some time to find their place in the community, so help them get along and try to answer their questions if you can.
  • Be considerate. Not everyone has the same opinion or perspective on issues, so you will find yourself disagreeing with others. That is OK.
  • Be respectful. Even if you disagree with somebody, they’re part of a rival gang or you simply don’t like them, either treat them with respect or simply move on with your life.
  • Be careful in the words that you choose. Sometimes your opinion about certain matters can strike other people as harsh or offensive; try to prevent that.
We’ll refer you to this topic if we think you should have phrased something in a different way. If that happens more often, your posts may end up being moderated so that we get a chance to read them before others— which really is a nuisance to all!

This should be in the important threads section
(07-31-2016, 01:00 AM)Weezy Wrote: This should be in the important threads section

Good idea, done! Thanks.