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Staff roles clarification
A series of recent events has rightly indicated that there is confusion about the levels and rights associated with current and former members of the Las Venturas Playground Staff. We hope that this topic provides a clear reference to the current situation.

The primary responsibility of administrators is to help players on the server. They are also responsible for maintaining a positive gaming environment, in which the rules provide a strong guideline.

Administrators are encouraged to show initiative and extend their influence beyond the server, for example by moderating the forums and helping out with management tasks. The management commits to empowering administrators who show good faith in improving the server.

An administrator gets appointed based on trust, which is why we allow inactive administrators to retain their rights. However, in case of a dispute between current and former administrators, the views and opinions of current administrators take precedence.

The developers focus on improving the server and infrastructure of Las Venturas Playground through technical contributions. They are expected to show initiative and use their own ideas to further improve the community. Developers inherit administration rights as a gesture of trust.

Inactive developers may have their rights revoked for security reasons, but can usually have these reinstated by becoming active again. Developers will continue to have copyright over the code they wrote for Las Venturas Playground, to the extent that's possible by law.

The management is responsible for the higher-level operation of the community, and focuses on oversight, provisioning and the overall direction of the community. Their work is usually less visible to the community. Management members inherit administration and developer rights as well.

Inactive management members will retain their rights, as they are trusted and respected members of the community. The views and opinions of current members of the staff, including administrators, take precedence over those of former management members, however, we do urge staff to treat them with an appropriate level of respect.

Note that Las Venturas Playground no longer appoints moderators.