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I’d rather keep the answer online and gaming related. Not sure if its a screw up or not, but playing SA:MP helped me as I literally learned English by being involved with all of this, no regrets! If the time goes back ten years, I would do it all over again :+

Have you lost or have you gained weight during these trying times?
Gained about 3kgs, but still planning on gaining another 10Kgs hopefully.

What’s your favorite dish ?
I'm a dessert lover but my favorite dish is chocolate lava brownies. They taste amazing and I love it

Be honest, what will be the first thing you'll buy if you win tons of money? 😉
A big mansion :+

Have you ever been bullied?
Everyday by horrA 😢

Who’s your favorite LvP player?
I don't have any favorite. I like all players equally.
I only like JT more equal than the others.

Have you ever actually thought you could win the lottery after buying a ticket? And why so?
Got a few thinking yeahhhh I'll win I can retire end up winning an amount less than I've paid for the ticket then throught that was dumb but done it multiple times 😂

Have you ever done something so cool and nobody saw you do it that would be an epic in conversation but nobody believes you?
Yeah. I 5-0’d Sand in a WW duel, but nobody believes me...

Who do you think is the best SAMP player of all time ?
Yeah that's pretty typical constant banter among people.

Hmmm tough one, since you've not specified reason be it a top bloke or DM player I'll go with Peter, without him having the idea of making LVP we wouldn't be here 14 years later!

What song sums up your life?