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LVP Forum Rules

Below is a list of the official Las Venturas Playground forum rules. Failure to comply may result in a warning. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Do not mini-mod. Use the "Report" button, shown in the bottom right hand corner of posts.
  • To allow everyone to understand your content, please only use English in public.
  • No flaming at all.
  • No racism, or anything similar.
  • No sexual discrimination.
  • Don't offend anyone else by using their personal life as the subject.
  • Refrain from posting in gang topics which you're blacklisted or banned from. Click here for more information on blacklists.
Signatures and Advertising
  • Advertising in your profile is acceptable, assuming all other forum rules are followed.
  • Signatures may not exceed 400 characters.
  • Maximum of 2 images, which may not exceed 600x150px, including text.
Warez, Illegal Activity and other unwanted behavior
  • Strict no-warez policy. Any posts containing links to illegal sites will be removed.
  • Any discussion of hacking or other illegal activities is prohibited on the LVP forums.
  • No pornography. Although the game is rated 18+, there are a lot of youngsters.