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Introducing Blacklists for Gang Topics
Introducing Blacklists for Gang Topics

- What is the purpose of a blacklist?

Due to the obnoxious behavior of certain members in the gang topics lately, we have decided to set up a blacklist which allows leaders/co-owners/managers of gangs to ban certain users from posting in their gang topic. This to ensure a safe and pleasant environment players need to feel secure and comfortable while using our services by preventing bullying, intimidation, manipulation, discrimination, and similar activities.

- How do I make use of this service?

Owners, co-owners, leaders, managers, or any other high-ranking members of a gang may request a Crew member of Las Venturas Playground to blacklist certain users from their gang topic. You may do so by sending any one of us a private message either on IRC or here on the forum (posting topics regarding this matter in the Help Requests board will not be entertained). Your private message must include information in the following format:

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 Gang name:
 Link to gang topic:
 Request type: Addition or Removal
 User(s) exact forum name(s):
We don't need to know the reasons behind your decision.

- Rules

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  • Only owners, co-owners leaders, managers, or any other high-ranking members of gangs may request the LVP crew or forum moderators to add users to their blacklist or remove them from it. Make sure you discuss the decision with your gang mates prior to approaching us.
  • Crew members may refuse requests.
  • Members of the Las Venturas Playground crew cannot be blacklisted.
  • No user (gang member or not) is allowed to directly or indirectly mention or discuss a blacklisted user in a topic they're banned from posting in. It goes both ways.
    • For example: if user 'CJ' is not allowed to post in the [wH] gang topic, no other user is allowed to directly or indirectly mention or talk about user 'CJ', for any reason, in the [wH] gang topic. This applies only as long as said user is on the blacklist.
  • Be reasonable and use this feature responsibly — don't blacklist users for silly reasons or minor disagreements.
  • Do not make addition or removal requests via posting topics in the Help Requests board. PM a crew member in-game, on IRC, or on the forum.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in post deletions, warnings, and consequently, forum bans.
  • This feature falls within the scope of the Gangs board only.

A separate topic with gang names and their blacklists will be maintained in this board. We will post about each addition or removal, so it is your responsibility to check whether you're on any of the blacklists, prior to posting in a gang topic.