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Las Venturas Playground 45
Hey y'all

With this release, we've started the work to fully overhaul our minigames with the principle that you should be in control. Don't just play Haystack, play it as you like it: change the difficulty, the number of levels, the time of day. LVP 45 brings the first few steps towards a world in which you can challenge other players to anything, following your rules.

In terms of performance, we've gathered millions of more data points over the past week, and have made another series of significant improvements. Fundamentally, calling into JavaScript is slow. We've therefore coined the concept of deferred events, which runs certain events with a slight delay (4 thousandth of a second!) rather than immediately in exchange for a ~30x performance improvement!

Other changes in this release include:
  • FEATURE: The "/account" command now shows you your e-mail address, registration date, donations and karma.
  • FEATURE: We've started working on a new infrastructure for minigames, called the Games API. Try it out with "/newhaystack".
  • FEATURE: The Los Santos Hills Race has been introduced.
  • FEATURE: The Red County Race has been introduced.
  • FEATURE: The "/kickflip", "/engine" and "/flap" commands have been added for Management members.
  • FEATURE: The "/seize" command has been added, to commandeer a driverless vehicle.
  • FEATURE: Drive-by is now formally allowed, so the punishment dialog has been removed.
  • FEATURE: The "/deathmatch" command has been added with some non-stop FFA death match arena's. You can easily add new locations with custom weapons here.
    FIX: Players will now have to confirm their new password when using "/account".
  • FIX: Spawn money has been reimplemented, and money carries between sessions again.
  • FIX: Cars now have their engines turned off before a race begins.
  • FIX: Cruises are now more verbose in communicating what's going on.
  • FIX: IP bans work as expected again. Who knew that a 2007 decision would come back to haunt us?!
  • FIX: The "/mute" command without a player will show a sensible message again.
  • FIX: Administrator messages for player use of "/house goto" contain more information.
  • FIX: Administrators who use "/modlogin" will now be considered registered in JavaScript.
  • FIX: Blocked words can't be added as substitutions anymore, and vice versa.
  • FIX: Information on how to appeal bans now includes our Discord server.
  • FIX: Information and attribution is shown again when a player gets kicked from IRC.
  • FIX: Spawn coordinates in the "/islanddm" minigame have been fixed to be above the water.
  • IRC: Minimized players will now appear in italic when using "!players"
  • IRC: The "!help" command has been added
  • IRC: Ban durations are now included when viewing a player's record with "!why".
    IRC: Administrators can now use "!supported", "!getvalue" and "!setvalue".
  • MISC: Players can now change their nickname once every 14 days
  • MISC: Gunther will now also inform players about minigames and stunts.
  • MISC: We've upgraded to version 2.9.4 of the streamer plugin; all houses have labels again.
  • MISC: We've retired our zone-manager-plugin entirely. Thanks for the 10 years of service, bud!
This version includes contributions from RussellHolsjeLithirmLuceXanland and Specifer. In addition, many thanks to SophiaBeanerDeer_HunterHaloAzKiller and George for filing issues!

Stay safe,
What's karma?
(05-22-2020, 03:36 PM)Sand Wrote: What's karma?

Good question:

Good work, as always.❤
Thank you so much everyone <3
Amazing job guys! I can't wait to beat some of you in the new races!  O+
Charming updates and you're welcome :)
Halsey, Thank you so much man even if your name isn't mentioned. You did post several good bugs which I wouldn't have known if you didn't say so.
(05-22-2020, 05:02 PM)Specifer Wrote: Halsey, Thank you so much man even if your name isn't mentioned. You did post several good bugs which I wouldn't have known if you didn't say so.

<3 more bug reports coming :W
vary sa-mp
Keep up the good work!