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Server Strategic Player Count Improvement
Dear Las Venturas Playground community,

It has come to my attention that the server has been facing a downfall in the player count over the last few years and I want to invest my time and efforts into having an active player count just like we have had over the last few years. 

We have to unite as a whole and dedicate ourselves to reach our ultimate server potential. Sure, some people stopped playing samp, however, there is still a large amount of players that play everyday in other servers.

So the question is, why not us? We should gather and recruit new members and basically just promote our server through social media etc.

If you have an honest opinion about this topic feel free to reply with whatever knowledge or idea you could have to help Las Ventura’s Playground.

You kind of BUMPed it on Discord. I'll bring it up here aswell.
If anybody has good suggestions on how to get a more active player base please do share. The more creative the more likely we didn't think of it! :-)

If there's things you'd like to do yourself to try and advertise LVP but you need something from the crew, just let us know!
Start by taking less than two weeks to answer simple reports & complaints, find a developer to fix server bugs and implement new features and be more active ingame to get rid of cheaters before they get rid of the few players that are active at these times.

We can proceed to think of extraordinary unheard of ideas once we've completed the simple tasks.
Interesting. Xd
First and foremost I think we can start by ourselves being active in game. There is a lot of non regulars that join daily. Also when people see average players online 10-15ish they also join (from the hosted part of samp)

Let’s all contribute,
Step by step.

Mouth to mouth also works well, if you have a friend that plays samp but on another server, ask him to come check out our server.

If anyone has any additional way of what we can do to help have more players regularly; give us your input.

(10-02-2020, 11:07 PM)SnicKerS. Wrote: Interesting. Xd
Yeah nice interesting. Nice suggestion Weez. How comes we never thought about it? Damn.
(10-04-2020, 03:24 PM)Orlando Wrote:
(10-02-2020, 11:07 PM)SnicKerS. Wrote: Interesting. Xd
Yeah nice interesting. Nice suggestion Weez. How comes we never thought about it? Damn.
thinking of such solution requires 300IQ.
Please consider this topic seriously. Coming up to the topic, it's hard to disagree with sonic and he's absolutely right.
Adding it to the hosted tab would be a good start

I might be able to ask some of my friends to help develop some new stuff or fix some bugs, they know more code than me but idk

and also make the registering easier
-->Add freeroam mode [In the same world but remove their weapons and give them god mode]

-->Gunther should help them!
[Only for unregistered, non regular below 50hrs]

example :- After getting killed 4-5 times in a row by players, Gunther should send them pm eg. Gunther (PM): Having a rough time on LVP? Consider playing in our freeroam mode, /freeroam
Just make sure it doesn't look like spam.

-->Properties are too OP which makes rest earnings options like exporting vehicles, winning cash of minigames worthless.