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[Unbanned] Newski
Exact Nickname: [BB]Newski
Date of the ban: Today
Suspected Reason: ''cheating''
Extra notes: I didn't even cheating, you guys check my history, was i ever banned for cheating? So, i hope it was an wrong ban and i will get unbanned.Therefore if i can't get unbanned ''you suspect me in cheating'' can i see a clear proof(fraps or something) where i was cheating? Btw, i am an old face here, and i never been caught in using hacks.Whats the point of donating and after a week to use cheats?
<Nuwani> [10-02-2019 16:21:32] (ban by [BB]Ricky92): damage.cs (Duration: 21 day(s)) (IP:

You were banned for modifying the amount of damage you receive.

Please wait for [BB]Ricky92 to respond to this appeal, as it is his ban.
For ban evading your ban has been increased to 30 days.
For constantly claiming to "ddos the server" to me in discord your ban will stay at 30 days regardless on if you were hacking or not.

See you next month.
Hello Newski,

I have been suspecting you of using hacks since more than a week. I didn't make this decision without being sure of it. Me, Humza and NightFury tested you undercover. We concluded that on many events, you failed to receive the proper ammount of damage which a normal player is supposed to take. These events were happening on a regular basis. Though NightFury was still not sure, me and Humza concluded that you were using damage.cs to reduce the damage caused by the enemies. 

You were initially banned for 21 days but since you ban evaded and threatened us that you'll ddos the server, you can enjoy a 30 day ban. Continue this and your ban length will be increased or it will become permanent.