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[Image: 1337SAE.png]

We are the Elites of the Spartan Army. A group of the finest warriors the world has ever seen. One spartan warrior is worth at least seven of any other soldier. We will NEVER RETREAT and NEVER SURRENDER. Bred and trained to kill our single goal in life is to shed as much enemy blood as possible and die what we spartans call a beautiful spartan death. We work together with our outstanding teamwork ability to form a single unstoppable unit, the spartan phalanx. We value our family above ourselves and have no leader. The clan is run by each and every member and everyone takes credit for the achievements and respect we earn. SAE recruit only the finest players in terms of personality and skill. At early recruitment stage, personality is most important. As you pass through our recruitment methods you gain the necessary skills and become a true spartan. Loyalty, teamwork, enjoyability and individual skill once combined make SAE a great and unique clan of close bonded players.

[Image: saebrass.png]

[Image: saephylarchs.png]

[Image: Italy-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Alessio
[Image: Canada-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE]Archelaus
[Image: Canada-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]BiGPimP
[Image: Italy-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Leon
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]J.KING
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]DeathEater
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]DopeMan
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]iSpider
[Image: Norway-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Grim
[Image: Netherlands-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Skitzo
[Image: Italy-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]CLOE
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Phaelon
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Psychosis
[Image: Australia-Flag-icon.png] [b][SAE]InSAne
[Image: Portugal-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Skobel
[Image: Poland-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Pac
[Image: New-Zealand-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]War
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Xaostica

[Image: recruitstraineessaev.png]

[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE[v]Minus
[Image: Netherlands-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE[v]Endymion

[Image: monitoredagogesaea.png]

[Image: Russia-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE[a]DasModel
[Image: Mexico-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE[a]el_cocho
[Image: Poland-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE[a]darkstoN

[Image: inactiveretiredspartans.png]

[Image: Turkey-Flag-icon.png] [b][color=black][SAE]Sentinel

[Image: Kazakhstan-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Blaster
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Bruce_Leeroy
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Farmer
[Image: Turkey-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Heracles
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Ki11a
[Image: England-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Knuckles
[Image: Australia-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Peek
[Image: Spain-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Shuterland
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Spartan
[Image: United-States-Flag-icon.png] [SAE]Trentodd

Members are in alphabetical order.

[Image: applicationst.png]

[align=left]As Spartan Army Elites we go by unwavering laws, this is how we work and have always worked:
- RESPECT every member as your brother in arms, and although brothers do fight, they do not disrespect, they honor each other and work for the peace of [SAE] in a forward direction. Be ruthless in every way except with your brothers of Sparta.
- NEVER cheat or hack, only the weak resort to such blasphemy.

To join our family you must apply or be invited, but in either case overall we will expect from you 3 very important things:

- Communication. Mumble is how we do it, we function via group voice constant communication. Not only during clanwars and trainings but whenever we are online.
- Loyalty. This means respect and loyalty to the group, no matter what. We expect that if you join this clan, you do not leave.
- Patience. The trial process is the longest there is, but that's why and how it works. If you are not willing to wait the time (however long it may be) then do not even bother applying.

All this being said, if you wish to apply to the clan post an application >> here <<.

[Image: clanwars.png]

As Spartans we crave for constant trainings to exploit our potential to the maximum. Every day we seek clans to fight against in order to keep in shape.
We are currently accepting and inviting for Attack & Defense clanwars. Be warned that if your clan has any sort of cheating history it is highly unlikely that we will accept your proposal.
If you wish to apply for a clanwar make an application  >> here <<. If you wish to schedule a training with us simply contact us by posting in the forums.

Current Clan War List

- [SAE] vs [OWN] [W]
- [SAE] vs [GSE] [W]
- [SAE] vs [FH] [W]
- [SAE] vs [GoD] [W]
- [SAE] vs [GoD] [W]
- [SAE] vs [sSs] [W]
- [SAE] vs [sSs] [W]
- [SAE] vs [RwN] [W]
- [SAE] vs [AsK] [W]
- [SAE] vs [AsK] [W]
- [SAE] vs [CrV] [W]
- [SAE] vs [CrV] [W]
- [SAE] vs [LsH] [W]
- [SAE] vs [TkC] [W]
- [SAE] vs [EsV] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Fired_uP] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Fired_uP] [W]
- [SAE] vs xHoTx [W]
- [SAE] vs [BoD] [W]
- [SAE] vs [MOB] [W]
- [SAE] vs [SAM] [W]
- [SAE] vs [United] [W]
- [SAE] vs [SmB] [W]
- [SAE] vs [United] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Rage] [W]
- [SAE] vs [RcF] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Mc] [W]
- [SAE] vs [EG] [W]
- [SAE] vs v [___] [W]
- [SAE] vs [NoV] [W]
- [SAE] vs [NG] [W]
- [SAE] vs [MrS] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Bpb] [W]
- [SAE] vs [Uw] [W]
- [SAE] vs [TsK] [W]
- [SAE] vs [NoV] [W]
- [SAE] vs [___] [W]
- [SAE] vs [MOB] [L]
- [SAE] vs [NB] [L]

[b]Tournament Wins

-Los Santos Clan Battle [W]

For more information:

[Image: contactinformationserve.png]

[size=10pt]Email: spartanarmyelites@gmail.com
Website: www.SAEClan.com
Mumble Server: vent.ubercrue.com:8320
IRC Channel: #sae - irc.gtanet.com

[Image: blue2.png]

[Image: SAEAAD.png]

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  1. [uL]
Wassup Spartans, about time you made a topic _O-

I thought DE was leader, I guess you guys changed ranking system again :Y)

2 days.

J/K, We'll also be playing at LVP a little more, except me :X
(09-03-2010, 08:54 PM)H0lden link Wrote: 2 days.

J/K, We'll also be playing at LVP a little more, except me :X

Your Tacticus? 8)7
Quote:Dacads link=topic=26093.msg335021#msg335021 date=1283543725]
Your Tacticus? 8)7
Nah man, that's Scream

I'm [SAE[v]Basileus :)
Quote:Dacads link=topic=26093.msg335017#msg335017 date=1283543420]
I thought DE was leader, I guess you guys changed ranking system again :Y)
I don't think we've ever changed ranking system.
wat is sae doing here ¬_¬
Have fun guys  :P
yo guyz, nice to see you here  :+

haha nice to see you guys here
a piece of advice, always come in groups of 3 or more for some gangwarring 8)