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[gL] - grafitti Legends
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Quote:Who are the graffiti Legends?
We are the graffiti Legends and we cause chaos towards cities! We walk the streets with spray paint cans with hoodies and we rampage on signs and billboards to continue destruction of public property.
We walk the streets for a purpose, to engage in massive combat with our enemies and with the walls, billboards and buildings of LVP with our spray paint cans and for our enemies, guns!
Although we cause destruction, we are glad to be a part of the LVP community.
Please welcome us (The graffiti Legends) to LVP!

*No Flaming!
*No Hacking!
*No clan hoppers allowed!
*Have fun!

Quote:What do i need to join?
  *You need skills, depending on your skills we will train you or make you a full member if you're good enough.
  *A good attitude.
  *Good teamwork.
  *Good spirit.
  *Positive of staying in graffiti Legends for a while.

The clan is not officially open atm though D: Please keep in touch with us! :D
Server: We don't own one atm.
Website/forum: Forum under maintenance 
gl  :>
good luck  :)
Quote:Jets link=topic=25371.msg320282#msg320282 date=1278474846]
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Thank you. Good luck on your clan as well.
eh, good luck man
goodluck :Y)
(07-07-2010, 04:57 AM)WiZZy link Wrote: Thank you. Good luck on your clan as well.
thx hehe  :>
(07-07-2010, 04:31 AM)WiZZy link Wrote: *No clan hoppers allowed!


ur fast
(07-07-2010, 05:47 AM)Shen link Wrote: http://forum.sa-mp.nl/index.php?topic=25...#msg319147

ur fast
Try reading it ALL before you accuse me for clan hopping
too lazy going to bed