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Delete/Lock Please
Delete/Lock Please.
Good luck Infamous! Wish ya luck.
Thanks, you too with your mafia gang!  :)
I love the way some stuff look very good like the CT application.  :D.

(08-10-2007, 12:59 AM)theInfamous link Wrote: In game name:  theInfamous
Age:  17
How you heard about us:  Overdosed
What games you play:  Battlefield 2
Ingame playing time:  86 hours & 56 minutes
Servers you play on:  Only on Las Venturas Playground
LVP knowledge:  I know where to find the health & armor pickups, i know where the gangbase is.
Driving skills:  8/10
Weapon skills:  Uzi/Tec 9/10, M4/AK47 9/10, Sawnoff 8/10

Additional Comments:  I'm awesome.


• You have to be active  –

• You need to be Respectfull -

• Work as a team -

• Good on-foot fighter -

• Mature in game –

• Against hacking –

We ask most of those things 2 lol.

Anyway, good luck in recruiting. Success  ;)
Infamous, id like to be part of the new gang LVF. I passed the test chris told me. I killed 6 people in 20 minutes as needd.
(08-10-2007, 12:55 PM)John_Cobs link Wrote: Infamous, id like to be part of the new gang LVF. I passed the test chris told me. I killed 6 people in 20 minutes as needd.

Sure john, you can join, i remember when you used to be a member of [MI]. But could you please fill in the application and pm it to me?

hehe keep joining its a great gang really freindly and skillfull also we like to have fun and kill noobs that throw grenades and heli kill  :+
well cobs, i said "u kill 6 people in 15 mins n u can be a  TEMP" then said "if u ask infamous u cn be in LVF" i didnt say u could join JOIN ther gang just temp :D :9~
lol you stole our guidelines

Quote:What we look for in a member:

• Activeness – We are looking for members who are willing to participate in training and matches which are held weekly in most cases. You also have to be active on our forums and xfire since that is where the majority of planning and discussions are held.
• Respectful - Doesn’t go around abusing everyone or causing unnecessary flame. Respects admins
• Team players - Knows the meaning of teamwork and is willing to offer support to each member.
• Good on-foot fighter - You don’t need to be an expert but you need to be willing to be trained.
• Mature in game – Doesn’t lash out at other players or hackers in-game that may become an annoyance.
• Against hacking – Hacking spoils game play and makes things unfair for everyone else. If you have used hacks before don’t apply because most likely you would use them again. Hacking is for idiots, noobs, and immature kids.

eh but i understand, they're good ones to follow.
basically every gang has the somewhat the same guild lines