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Current State of LVP Community
Hi! O+

How are you doing? How is everyone holding up? How is life treating you?

Please feel free to share whatever you want, I am curious to hear about you guys.
Hi :)

I'm doing fine, work and real life is basically everything these days. Sad to say but we're getting older I guess.
I sometimes play Call of Duty Warzone with some real life friends, but its not very often I use the computer.

How are you doing?
its been hectic, specially after the pan.......
but go into a program for my alcohol abuse so i can fly straight
hopefully ill have my apartment by august which they say is low income since here in the states rent is too too high
oh yeah had a kid in 2017 he's 4 almost 5 now.
have been into anything lately, i guess my love for gaming on sa-mp stopped when my mom passed in 2012
but i try every now and then to get back into it, but its just not the same
we get older, family and work calls.

Hope you are yall are doing ok if not better :D
Im in my 30s now lol
But golden days of LVP always to be remembered.
I checked the stuff I posted here was quite shocking and brutal lol..
Never had the imagination that in so much years Ill be doing so good in life.
Do not have kids or wife but emocionally and financially im stable and could retire now for like 10 years lol.
Im still planing on having family but yet to come.

Hope yall blessed and doing good too.
update: got my apartment, 2 years sober, job
about gaming i mostly play bullet force on crazygames(its fun)
i havent been able to jump back on in a while
i hardly ever game anymore and when i do its Clash of Clans on mobile
i try alot of others games though
isnt there a discord?
Hello KingJd, here is the discord link
This thread should keep going man!

Its been 4 yrs since my last visit here, hoping to get an update on all of you

Update on my life, got two lovely kids and a loving beautiful wife who had a great career, we own a business/apartments. Looking forward to travel the world!