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complain against Humza the abuser
Hey there.

i want to explain something against admin humza, first of all before anything, you should know humza jail ppl bcuz they kill him, that means humza jail ppl bcuz of their lagg, he one jailed me for 4 minutes for lagg, and ping was actually +60, ayways.

humza banned YoussefTM which is my bro, we'r in the same home, he told me that i evad and he gave me 12 days.

Youssef is my brother and i can proof it as u guys like, i joined the server while he was playing, we played in the same time, he still didnt trust me
youssef left and i was still talking, but how the hell i can have 2 gta in my poc, this is compely impossible we does same ip because we'r playing with the same router, which is a mtbox, that sharing the same ip.

i'v been talked with Lithirm about this, as u guys like that i can proof it.

and i want to give a report about SnicKerZ talking on back, and calling me a hacker that 14 years kid doesnt matter anyways, i talk about humza he isnt allowed to give me more 5 days for no reason.
i like lithirm only to post here.
Thank you for filing this complaint.

I've looked over the information you've provided me, as well as your ban appeal.

  1. The reply from Mourad in your ban appeal is unprofessional, and we have already talked to him about that.
  2. While a reduction for that would have been worth considering, some of your recent messages don't help. "mother suck di9 so hard", "ur sister suck it so hard", "retared admin", et.c.
Even if we give you a discount on your own language in the appeal, and what you've been saying to people on the server I still support Humza in this matter.

Las Venturas Playground is driven by a series of guiding principles, which you are clearly violating. I suggest that you take this time to read these rules, and get back to us when you're ready to amend your attitude, and abide by these very principles.