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[Unbanned] auto cbug, i cant stop
Name: SneaXTM
Admin: Humza
Reason: auto cbug

I had never used shit on someone since i know cbuging since 2014, that fucker hamza doesnt know shit about administration, or even skills, warrior has been banned for aimbot, and i dont think so he does it, warrior got skills, compelty you guys are banning ppl that bcuz they got some good skills, you guys should learn about "aimbot" and "auto cbug" make sure you havent any experience, i swear, hamza is mad because of our fight, he just start calling me a "backshooter" and makes angry, That's just a game for me, but like that admin, i dont like so, i hope you guys or that admins says i auto cbug, reconsidering on this, because i havent use any hacks on samp, there something called skills, if that hummza bugged or his game is shit, i dont really care, and i dont really care if he got no expercience, or making fun of my ban, i got some reecords, and i participed on tournaments, since 2014 i learn cbug 6 years without stop, impossible i use auto cbug + there no auto cbug anymore on internet it compelty removed.

have nothing to say more i think, i dont use auto cbug.
Can you please remove swearing and update your post? Also be patient and wait for humza to reply.
everyone telling me to wait humza, i do, and there no proof that proof am a auto cbug.
Hello SneaXTM,

Let me clear somethings here,
It doesn't matter how long have you been playing cbug as you have mentioned 2014 and I remember pretty nicely that you did not even had any kind of skills in 2016 either as you used to play with other nicks known as Loyd,Zaki etc so I think it's better that you shouldn't be lying about your cbug here as everyone knows you. 
I am way too older in this sa-mp so I think I do know what cheats are and what sort of experience it requires to be an admin and I don't get mad over a game or some deaths well I mostly enjoy deaths rather than killing so keep all that talks to yourself and let's discuss about this appeal.

As we have been getting many reports from players about your strange aiming in the past few days and I have been keeping an eye on you and was able to see you making really strange hits but did not really do anything in that time but when I got these videos and after discussing with most of admins who agreed with me and then I decided to ban you.

About your auto-cbug:
First of all, you play with 50 fps and your cbug is really fast which is hard to do with that fps as I too play with same FPS and I know how hard is it to aim and cbug with it.
Secondly, These videos shows that you are using auto-cbug where you can also aim very easily with it.

Reni decided to record your game-play and report it directly to me with some videos.
In this video, which was recorded not more than 2 weeks ago as in this you can be seen missing most of your bullets.

Meanwhile in this other video recorded yesterday you can be seen not missing a bullet even in far distances.

I suggest you to remove any auto-cbug cheat you have and play fair. Your unban date is 7/6/2020 so be patient and don't try to evade.

But wait, one last thing as you want to prove your innocence by mentioning you got recordings too so if you have got any then please be my guest and upload them here as you've said you are not using auto-cbug and I could be wrong too as this game is old as shit so better upload your videos when you fought with players in the server.

You are retarded, this is the same skills record, and this duel was after 3 weeks, obviously i get a good cbug, and the problem was with aim, you havent any expercience in skills or auto cbug, u piece of shit


this was not at lvp, but reni was must tell me to record, and i was to, i havent used any cheats on cbug or any shit, you dont know about cbug or auto cbug, same with warrior dude, u even cant shoot well, fuck samp.

you have no permission to say my other names.

btw, i was not a player in lvp at 2016

I have no video in lvp, so i can upload nothing, but i got those video, and one of them was before 2 days ago
Look, swearing isn't going to help you in anyway. Please refrain from flaming.
mourad ta gha skot lol, anyways i dont want to wait a month i wont even join, samp is shit
Hello there again,

Do you think you can fool me that easily do you? In the videos you posted its clearly not you but another player which doesn't even play in our server and you are trying to impersonate him.

1)Your discord names are not the same

2)You said sampcac makes you crash(as you told Reni) but in the videos you posted you can see SelfControl using sampcac.

3)sampcac doesn't work for you, it makes you crash so how did you actually make it work few weeks ago?

4)Some chats with SelfControl of uL.

Your unban date is 7/6/2020 so be patient and don't try to evade.
And stop lying please and be nice next time.
what impersonat? do you think i do everything your doing with ppl you have no experience my dude, stop evading from

i impersonate myself

btw, since you dont know how many discord i have and how many channels, just shut the fuck up.

i said the anti virus makes my sampcac doesnt working, so i was have to disable the anti virus and play

look, he said that he dont play at lvp, and how he got my avatar here, retarded
Sorry to say but do you even understand yourself? because I don't and why are you still lying? You think all those proofs are proving you innocent? they ain't and you claiming to be SelfControl which is just another lie.

So please stop lying and read what I have said and then think about what you are going to say next.

Your unban date is 7/6/2020 so be patient and don't try to evade.