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Sand aka [187]Gzuz
Hello,sand(Gzuz) start useing multi hacks again and again...1:Refill hacks // 2:health hacks which we got hitsound but he didnt lose armour or health

//3: health hack which we didnt got hitsound +aimbot.

Refill Hacks:
Health hack with hitsound:(u cant say its bug,cuz it was "ON" and he stoped and made it "OFF"and after that he got normal dmgs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS5PFwZsAcQ
Health hack without hitsound,u can see Norecoil aimbot in sec part:
Mix hacks LOL damn:

Good luck :)
Hello DarkNighT,
Thank you for taking your time to create a topic.

However we can not take actions regarding heath hack upon video evidence. There's a lot of bugs on SA:MP that can make a person appear to be having health hacks.
Besides I see various visual modifications on your end. Those could be glitching a bit causing you to see things diffrently from how it actually is.

We'll keep an eye on Sand just to be sure however..
this is not bug at all btw,he joined and re-joined ig more than 10 times,this is clear that its not bug
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS5PFwZsAcQ u can see here(toggle)
its clear hacks.

Defending each othed in a 15 years old game,interesting staff :D
I'm sorry but we're unable to determine heatlh hacks from video evidence.

There's a lot of scenario's even besides lag that can cause the behavior shown on the video's.
this is clear hacks,no bugs and no lags,u know his ping dont have any problem and even his pl
when i told him that i recorded them,he suggest me vip btw,u can ask Obbe_13.
Ye dont ban sand,cuz lvp going to die,need more player :)
Hey DarkNight,

I'm sorry but ping has nothing to do with any such bugs. I usually have a ping of around 15 and have had this happen to me.
Due to the many flaws of SA:MP (basically just a SP hacked into a MP game) video evidence is never conclusive for such cheats.

I understand that you believe what you've seen are health hacks, thus we'll keep an eye on sand.