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jailed for no reason
Hi there, want to make a complaint about sophia, in game i've been said that i am unarmed bcuz i were bugged, and i said that exactly to deer, he respawned me, after it, sophia came and jailed me then unjailed me, i want to know since deer respawned me, and what jail has even to do with me if am unarmed, if she was joking, i wasnt.

[Image: sa-mp-329.png]

@Russell @Ricky92
Me and Deer Hunter were trying to fix the bug you were encountering. I jailed you just to reset everything instead of forcing you to reconnect or something and then I instantly released you. I don't see a problem in there but okay let's see what management have to say about this. 

Sophia Naz
Your session lasted for five minutes at that point, during which you trolled twice—once directly aimed at her, and landed an insult towards her as well which included comparisons to other people. You said that you were bugged, a "/fix" was used but that didn't solve the issue, so the administrators tried some other things to help you out.

SneaXTM, please stop wasting our time. You're not stupid, so consider this a warning.