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Complaints about Jasmine.
Look am SoldieR is annoying me that Jasmine use the word "Not even surprised someone from this clan cb  using cheats " like just because some of them using cheats dosent mean all do it you only saying this because you think you can take everyone in the server but let me tell you something you not the only pro here we understand you good at the game and that shit but is like saying to all of us that we hacking everytime im in the game people accusing us for hackers cB clan what a shame if people keep saying that like wheres the honor of that theres no point of that is like jasmine saying to the hole cB is hackers like try to fuck off Jasmine is annoying me you keep complaint the same shit everytime is not even you is all of you when you saying it all people will now think we using cheats i played today i heard pwner bot say something about us like can you please stop? (sry my english)
You are free to discuss this with Jasmine and anyone else involved, or simply use the /ignore command if certain players are bothering you with such comments. They haven't said or done anything that deserves punishment.
With three of their members recently having been banned, I agree that it's natural for there to be some amount of suspicion and trash talking. As such, I concur with Beaner's conclusion that nothing has been done that deserves punishment.

Let's leave this topic open for another couple of days in case you'd like to respond.
Well there's no reply. Case is closed.

Sophia Naz