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Sophia arrogant behaviour
As you might have seen i was banned yesterday for a period of 1 day. Reason was calling people dogs and nicknames. Nobody ever said to me stop calling me that and no admin ever warned me,except Sophia. She's been having a rough attitude against me for days. Mutting me for 30 mins/1 hour,now banned me. Saying enough,stop doing that,final warning and some other trash words,talking to me like a dictator. Continuously talking in our gang chat to show us her admin power,without our permission. Now even locking my ban appeal thread like she was an ultimate judge that decides everything and doesnt give me any right to speak or whatsoever. I felt bullied by this admin and i've never seen such toxic behaviour,nor the most retarded players have ever spoken to me like that.
Hi Orlando,

To paraphrase what I wrote on Discord:
  • The messages and discussions leading up to the ban in this particular playing session were regular trash talking, particularly because the two of you were fighting.
  • That said, you deliberately and knowingly provoked Sophia, repeating phrases that you know annoy her. Not just in this playing session; you and various others repeat this on most days.
  • As such, I believe that the ban is justified as a punishment for accumulative trolling behaviour. You had it coming, and you knew it. Various players have had brief timeouts for similar reasons.
Things we should improve on:
  • Ban appeals should not be locked unless exceptional circumstances apply such as repeated spamming, flaming or trolling.
  • Ban appeals should be specific in detailing the reason for the ban, particularly when it covers multiple playing sessions.
  • It is reasonable for gangs to request that (certain) administrators do not participate in their gang conversations.
What trolling bro? Almost everyone says shit when fighting like ez,trash,noob,weak,etc,instead i say dog,ez dog. And the people i said to didnt ever seen frustrated. Joining with funny nicknames was not on purpose to troll,just to have fun. And i only joined with nicknames of the people i like in the game. Sophia's attitude to me was worse than dog words i say. She treated me like a criminal,ingoring every human rights. Therefore,i request to remove admin status to this abuser admin.
Hi Orlando,

Quid pro quo, no? You ask administrators to stay out of your gang chat, and complain when they don't follow it. That's reasonable. When other people ask you to stop doing something—for example to call them dogs, it's equally reasonable to expect you to follow it. I don't really care whether it's naivety or hypocrisy, but I'm sure you can appreciate the irony here.

Hearing no further input, I'll consider this to have been dealt with.