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Sleep (as Paki_Pro1287)
Ingame Name: Sleep (as Paki_Pro1287)
Reason: Implied discrimination, excess profanity, continued toxic behaviour
Admin: Russell

I am creating this ban appeal on behalf of Paki_Pro1287, also known as Sleep, as pointed out by multiple players, who, according to his own words, "seriously don't get why are you doing this to me".

First, he joined at 2:39pm with the nickname "Paki_Pro1287", and immediately started targeting players of Pakistani descend. The provocative nature of his intentions is further clarified through statements such as:
  • if u paki = no ban for u
  • if u paki = no mute
  • nickname true paki power
Furthermore, he made various statements well beyond the scope of reasonable banter, such as:
  • an ugly paki with black mustache covering her lips just by a tiny bit
  • did nickname promise u her unpenetrated peach
He received a warning, together with other players, at 4:06pm. Another direct warning followed at 4:23pm in PM.

Then, at 7:28pm he got kicked with the following reason: "Please change your name. You're only using this name to mock people from Pakistan." This was following yet another direct message and warning by one of our crew.

At 9:03pm he joined again with the same name, and got warned again at 9:10pm, claiming that "[I] just randomly picked it", and that "Paki in my country means pie". His name was changed. He then rejoined twice more, warned by two more members of our crew, and eventually continued to complain, nag and annoy both players and administrators.

Las Venturas Playground operates through the principles outlined on administrator.guide. It cites that players must enjoy a safe playing environment, which Sleep violated through bullying and discrimination.

It states that we want an enjoyable environment, which Sleep violated through the discrimination and profanity I mentioned above. This applies to all players; Sleep is capable and intelligent, and very well understood what he was doing. Through his endless arguing with the crew, he violated that for administrators as well.

Given the level of bad intentions and toxic behaviour, I am amending Sleep's ban to an undefined amount of time, until he reasonably convinces us, preferably through this thread or a similar one like it, that he's willing to play on Las Venturas Playground following our principles.
Sleep has decided to move on to other ventures. I will therefore close this appeal out.

We wish him all the best, and want to reiterate that he's welcome back at any time when he's willing to play according to our principles, and cut out the bullying, discrimination and excess profanity.