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Re-introducing stunts in the main world
In LVP 2.93 / 2.94 circa 2011 or 2012, we had stunt objects all over the map which were quite fun to mess around with. I'm not really sure why we decided to get rid of them all, but would there be any harm in bringing them back? It's something that may motivate new players to explore our server further & help improve the freeroam/stunt aspect of LVP. I realize we have /jump or /stunt worlds, but I doubt they're really used much - especially by new players who probably aren't aware of half our commands.

What I usually observe is: a newbie joins -> gets hunted by gangs/DM players or loses his car in a matter of seconds due to ramping or bad driving -> quits. This was briefly discussed in issue #553 on GitHub. Giving players the ability to spawn certain vehicles outside LV and possibly vehicle godmode on stunt objects would be a pretty neat feature.

With the exception of the ship area and fight club, the rest of the map doesn't really have anything useful apart from properties and houses, which can get boring real quick. Here are some screenshots of the stunt objects LVP had in the past:

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What do you guys think about this?
Russell, can this map be brought back?

We have the stunt zones right now but only a few players know about it and they're qutie dated.

I'd like this to stay oustide of LV though so the people fighting on the streets won't be bothered by this. I would really like the idea t get the stunts back.
I would like to add a feature when newbie gets damaged a little . A client message would be sent to him that he can /god on and off himself and it shall be removed automatically when he has passed 15 hours or he becomes a regular ?