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SA-MP LVP Server players 0/0
See my attachments.

It happens often. I cannot see LVP server info nor player list (it happens also to some users on YouTube, check LVP YouTube videos comment section) and it just happens with LVP. 

Initially I thought it was a problem of SA-MP client, but it seems not.

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Same Problem here :?
I have done countless refresh and the list came. It's just sync problem I guess, could be dealt with if it is only our server problem but if it is samp and server problem  it would have to say other way
Hey there Beyond & the rest of the players wondering about this issue!

This issue is client-sided & not something from LVP. Kalcor, the developer of SA-MP mentioned a week or two ago that SA-MP/some randoms servers were getting attacked. There is not much he can do about it. What you can do yourselves is to ride the storm out.

/Edit: To the managers/staff of LVP, quoting Kalcor on how this can be prevented.

Quote:I've been trying to bait the attacker in to attacking my server, but it seems he is using a static list.

Try setting this in the server.cfg
sleep 1
Then restart the server. That will increase the speed of the raknet thread, which may help deal with the packet flood.

This thread might also come in handy. This code totally blocks out the spoofed UDP packets which causes this issue. But it does take somebody with experience to set it up.
Thanks for the response zkippi