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SnowKill3r - HH + Insults
Extra Info: I was hunting him through out LV and I always heard the ding sound when I shoot at him and when I get closer he was still Full HP and he drove away and that was weird, so I kept on hunting him and caught him Toggling his HH on and off so he can live longer.After I told him I have proof about him using hacks he insults my mother.I left the server to upload the videos asap and when I returned I told him that I am uploading them he said that I am lying at first than that his internet is wrong or something but he was online perfectly fine lol 



May the odds ever be in your favour!

P.S.: I just saw the videos and before I started to record he was abusing the shit out of the HH toggle, I thought I had that recorded too but aw well
Hey man sorry about that I was AFK while all of this was going on

The videos definitely show something fishy. Also the insults ain't cool. I checked his logs and he was banned for speed hacks before which leads me to believe even further hes hacking. Snowkill3r will be banned for a week. Thank for for reporting and sorry about this issue