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The future of Las Venturas Playground

As some of you know, Las Venturas Playground has been through an extensive rough patch over the last year or so. From the inevitable decline in player count; lack of sufficient activity by the management; and certain players ruining the gaming experience, we've seen it all. However, it pleases me to announce that Joe and tBKwtWS have decided to reprise their roles as active management members and have given PigBenis and myself an opportunity to step up and help lead LVP as a team.

We most certainly look forward to making positive changes in order to provide players with a fair, enjoyable, and safe environment again. A few immediate changes will occur, and a few longer term goals are set as well. Immediately, we will have an increased presence, and attempt to make decisions more transparent to the crew. We also welcome any former crew members back with open arms, and would love suggestions on anything that can be done with policy (for example, rule changes). We also will be on the hosted list next week in an attempt to grow our player base. Beyond this, we will also work to sort out IRC access for VIP members and LVP Radio DJs. One crucial goal is to attempt to integrate better cheat detection into LVP's code, as hackers make a community unplayable.

This community is nearly 13 years old and yet some of our players and crew are incredibly passionate about it, which gives us the motivation to keep going and put in our best efforts. Rest assured knowing that we're still here and we care. Feel free reach out to any of us for anything you might require help with.

I'm very excited for what the future holds for us all here