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Fallen throwing nades again
hello , 
i was going to post thiss thread before 2 days ago but looks like something happend to forums so i didn't .
well as he used to break rules by nding/ flaming /abusing/fake timeout . 
He did ignore what beaner said to him( Here ) and he still 
doing same things .
This time he naded the ship to get me out of it . sadly for him i was recording so : 

It's very sad to see such things always from same person, stubborn kids never learns well I will let this one go as it was reported in 2018 and it's 2019 now so let's get rid of this.
But remember Fallen, you won't be getting any more warnings or mercy because if you do this again it will be 30 days and if you continue the length will get higher and higher and obviously in the end you will Permanent Banned so it's up to you.

Thank you.