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A lot of players accused Vishy07 for illegal health lock, aimbot and much more. I also watched him airbreak but I wasn't sure because he have a high ping too but tonight I found out this randomly and I am confirmed to tell that the damage of desert eagle taken by Vishy07 is half (or one-third) of actual damage he needs to be getting*. For Cross-check, I have gathered an evidence in which I made two clear shots on his body. Here's the video of Vishy07 using some modifications for less damage of desert eagle bullets.

Moreover, I had a conversation with him.

22:31:46] {DA7825}[7] [nL]Sophie: {FFFFFF}now what kind of hack is this?

[22:31:57] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}the hack of love

[22:32:05] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}you admins won't get it.

[22:32:09] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}nvm nvm'

[22:32:13] {DA7825}[7] [nL]Sophie: {FFFFFF}i am serious because i caught this in a recording

[22:32:14] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}:P

[22:32:27] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}then report me , duhh

[22:32:39] {DA7825}[7] [nL]Sophie: {FFFFFF}nah , a straight ban

[22:32:48] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}You can't.

[22:33:37] {FF0000}* Find the Bag of Cash: {FFFFFF}Type /bagmoney [amount] to add money to the bag!

[22:33:58] {DA7825}[7] [nL]Sophie: {FFFFFF}hmmmm

[22:34:37] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}I never try to take advantage on other players tho

[22:34:46] {F4A460}[8] Vishy07: {FFFFFF}just for myself

Requesting a strong action against the regular players like him.
I caught him using teleport cheats as well. Thanks for reporting.