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[Banned] AZWS
I'm making this topic on behalf of AZWS

Exact Nickname: AZWS
Date of the ban: Not exactly sure
Suspected Reason: Cheating
Extra notes: AZWS has recently been using some cheats to gain an advantage over others, he is Persian like myself and doesn't speak English at all, He was banned for using cheats, I don't even think he noticed, he joined the server today I asked him to make an appeal here but he didn't know how to, he's 11 years old and the whole cheating thing got him excited I guess, he still wants to play at LVP and he has promised not to use cheats ever again, now it's your call to unban him or not
Our bots don't seem to be responding to certain commands right now, so I can't really check the duration of his ban. However, considering that he hasn't learned from his mistakes even after 3 bans, he will simply have to wait until his ban expires.