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Best Features Of Being a VIP and Additional Feature Suggestions
My Suggestion is It would be awesome if we can buy a maximum of 5 or 7 houses .
What is the point of owning so many houses? The way I see it, they're just spawn points (often far from Las Venturas) with a few vehicles parked outside. There's not much you can actually do inside a house.

Moreover, most of the suitable exteriors for house entrances have already been occupied. Allowing up to 4 extra houses per VIP would cause a mess, and severely limit the choice of house locations for players in the future as we don't currently delete houses of inactive players.

Edit: Moved to the Development section as this is a suggestion.
I like this idea, Specifer.

Personally I feel like 3 houses are not enough for me. Setting the house limit a little bit higher (up to 5) will not hurt anyone. It is simple: Those who want to have more houses can have it, those who feel 3 are enough can stick with their 3 houses. Setting the limit a little bit higher does not mean everyone is going to buy 5 houses, just like not everyone has bought 3 houses at the current limit. Also, I think it is not a big work for devs to change the limit, so it will really not hurt anyone. +1 from me