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[Unbanned] Azorius
Nickname: Azorius
Date of the ban: i dont know surely, forgoten srs, but i can give the pic of my ban: https://imgur.com/ZjfllE0

Suspected Reason: various vehicle cheats
Extra notes: yeah i used Surfly for roaming and i regret it and deleted and the cleo folder too,il never nver do that again besides this is my first and lastly ban give me chance lab yall :*
I banned you directly for 30 days because you used the kind of cheats that prevented players near you from driving, by forcing their vehicles to get stuck in the ground. In a way, it made the game unplayable for them.

However, since this is your first offense and 7 days have already passed, I've decided to unban you. If you are caught using any type of cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage again, don't expect us to be lenient.