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Permanent Voice in LVP.RADIO
Seriously I don't know man , but one thing is for sure . Slein might know !! Or Joe !! .
*bump*,  Required managers are neither able to help me nor stepping forward to say what's the problem . The thing is I know that lot of them are inactive except beaner but I kindly request to tell me the help that  I can do so to myself to solve this request  Any please??
Even Beaner doesn't have rights to give you permanent voice and no manager is active. The only thing possible is to give you temporary voice from time to time, thats if someone who has half op ( % ) in radio channel is online in IRC.
As I mentioned before in this topic, you may ask me for temporary voice rights until this is done.
Afaik, Mark was managing radio, as far as who has IRC permissions you may need to ask Slein or Badeend
This has finally been resolved. We'll now be able to grant players voice access in the #lvp.radio and #lvp.echo channels when required.