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[Unbanned] thorstenwr
Nickname: thorstenwr
Date of the ban: Can't really remember that, sorry.
Suspected Reason: I was "paused" while playing.
Extra notes: I am really sorry for using mods, I regret it.
This is my favorite server, I just can't stand dying all the time.
I won't use mods anymore, I promise it.
The mods I used are: aimbot and afk ghost (on your screen I am afk while I'm actually not, I can shoot everyone.)
I really regret what I've done, please unban me. I love LOVE this server!

With kind regards,

Tristan Horsten
Im sorry man but I asked you 3 times in the past after you promised me you wouldnt use anything to advantage, to remove them. Also, I banned you undercover for sniper aimbot as well.
Unban date: March 5th