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Hello , 

Finally i got unbaned , i wanna ask queries to developer about mapping in Las Ventures Playgroung . So, Do we have in- built mapping system eg - http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=554805


We use this map editor , http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?p=...ost1399384

I basically perfer this map editor because it easy , but then there is an difficulty to map interior , so i need your help to map a VIP room to LVP .

Thanks .
Hi Hopper,

The Las Venturas Playground server doesn't have in-game editor and most of the previous works was done using the MTA MAP Editor instead.
While an in-game editor could make things easier, the developers tends to create their own stuffs when it comes to certain features of this server, therefore by-passes the use of others plugins or scripts. They could share some light on this of course.

Fuse was a regular player here, part of the beta / mapper team & used to shared his projects but I can't recall seeing any of these on the server. Do note that the beta / mapper team has been dropped since 2013, so it's just the developers doing some minor mappings otherwise a Crew member whom has the interest in picking up the task. If your goal is to be a mapper then do your thing and share your projects with the world as I'm sure others might find it useful for their server. 

The idea of having an in-game editor is great, especially if this could be combined with a feature that we previously had which was the ability to create minigames. Seeing the demands that the developers cannot keep up with, it could be of use by the trusted regular players but limited so we don't end up with a Zoo. The above ideas would end up on our developers lap of course..
Hey striker ,

Thank you for replying this topic , If there is any chances of in - game map editor so please grant to access to it , so I can construct a new VIP room or I will use a simple map editor to construct it . Please developer reply .

Thank you .