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[MEDIA] REVIEW - My lazy ass laptop
OK. I decided to share my laptop...

Before connecting to TV...
[Image: 07ok3tI.jpg]

Connected to TV...
[Image: qFzjeeY.jpg]

[Image: bByLOlH.jpg]

Specs info...
[Image: SZKuM3U.png]

[Image: kxIeLez.png]

[Image: CT2ZSEm.png]

[Image: bN4BdGE.png]

[Image: MXacLKc.png]

[Image: Xcv00ng.png]
This view is disabled for this laptop's hardware.

[Image: 9J8KpjH.png]
This spec's memory has 128 MB.

[Image: oNJMbjY.png]
This spec's memory has 2048 MB.

[Image: IPfEo7w.png]
CPU test (Normal).
2: Unfortunately I currently don't have the GPU ones. Sorry.

[Image: XX9AxLt.png]
CPU test (4 threads).

[Image: Fvxpo0i.png]
CPU test (2 threads).

[Image: GgbwK1H.png]
NO comment.

In game screenshots (with 1080p).

1. ENB Off.
[Image: L36Zv48.png]

1. ENB On.
[Image: RP2HvIK.png]

2. ENB Off (time changed)
[Image: VRzd9B2.png]

2. ENB On (time changed)
[Image: rMVdZJe.png]

2.2. ENB On (time passed + large view)
[Image: ZgwSUi6.png]

3. ENB On (time passed + another large view)
[Image: OXicfdD.png]

Re: I no longer use additional graphic mods or other environmental mods such as for example: SA Lod Lights, Sky GFX, Sweet FX... I unfortunately don't have Color Mod due to Night Vision graphics gets fully green...

Old one
[Image: emNDUQK.png]

It took some time to play GTA:SA and SA-MP again thanks to my friends' requests...

I hope you love how she's working... :3

Recent Screenshots

1. (with ENB Off)
[Image: utMSpcA.png]

2. (also with Frame Limiter Off + ENB Off)
[Image: 63nImqv.png]

She's working hard as you can see...

If you like it then give me an answer... hope you like it... :3
Geforce 930m would have been better as its a Maxwell generation GPU.
cool ingame pics. the last picture gets me a little concerned. the skin seems so small there, is it just my eyes or is the skin-mod actually smaller than usual SAMP skins?
Cool pics.
It is beautiful, ASUS is my 1st choice as they count in budget and never overcharges, but my sis said "buy lenovo" so i went for it. Mine is 3yrs old, the build is pretty tough nvr had any hardware issues except LED replacement even after hailing it 2-3 times. Though i bought it (https://www.flipkart.com/lenovo-g50-80-c...7v5c2fsjby) for work purposes and it is a potato but it somehow handles med range apps pretty well. Most importantly its weight isnt much heavier than other rivals and it rests on backseat like a charm. btw that skin is cute...
Solid specs but I'm not a fan of mods.

Also, I'm going to move this topic to the technology board as it's not LVP related.
Uhm, how much does this laptop cost ?
Also, could you give some benchmarks on other games ? Like how does it perform on newer games ?

I want to buy a laptop because I'll need one for school next year, and I want to make it gamer so I can play when I want. I don't know which pc to get for just under 1.000€, since you know I'm not rich. Also I don't plan on playing big games (gta v, the last of us, or any games with very good graphics; i just want to play cs:go, rocket league, and some small games)