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[Unbanned] Banned, H4ls3y_
Nickname: H4ls3y_
Date of the ban: Monday, January 1st 2018
Suspected Reason: Abusing Temp rights /Jailing players Then pming them it's for fun
Extra notes: Hello,
Let me break this down,

On 29th I guess, I just joined in-game, wasn't temp admin, then I saw in main chat specifer asking "who jailed me?"
I just said "me" after some time he asked me "why?" I said "for fun", and then nothing else happned between us, after some time, I got temp admin rights. (I didn't have temp before he was jailed).

And now when I tried to join today, I get that reason^...

Now a few things,
1. On what Basis did he Ban me? Just because Specifer claimed that I jailed him for no reason? (wasn't even temp lel)

2. Is that even a reason to ban? If you don't want me to have rights then don't temp me? Simple... Why did you ban me for it?

3. This only proves that he is always looking for silly reasons to get me banned.

Sooo unban me asap and pls don't temp me again, and GL with LVP with admin Humza. He vary-samp vary pro (keep in mind that I am more dangerous than abdou so pls)

Delete this after dealing with it, thank you have a nice day :)
Hai there,

First of all, when he was jailed why did you said? It was you who jailed him and then pm'ed him it was for fun ?
and i don't need any proof to ban you since you(Yourself) admitted that it was you who jailed him then I thought I don't have to look for any proof to ban you, next time try not to be smart so you won't get false ban, anyways you are unbanned for this.

But wait

Thanks to another admin who was there to ban you while I wasn't able to do so your ban will stay for 5 days for this and more:

Quote:([07:59:05] {DCDE3D}[10] redave: {FFFFFF}fuck off Jasmine fag kid ass sucker bitch suck my dick noob asshole suck Humza's 1 inch`)

And about this;(keep in mind that I am more dangerous than abdou so pls)
^Keep that in mind too that your friend "abdou" rq'ed from server because of <------------
BTW you shouldn't be threatening me or others because it might get worse.
-Locked for now, will post here when you are unbanned till then DON'T TRY TO JOIN THE SERVER.