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[Event] ♦TEF's Legacy♦
Alright, I've added a poll to the thread (because I apparently forgot those existed for a second there). Fret not, however, because I'll take into account the posts made as well! I'm nice like that (most of the time)! O+

Also, please make sure to give me a sense of availability as well! Tomorrow, I am free all day and have no issues working with European time zones; however, Wednesday I have a work event in the afternoon into evening so my own availability will be limited to the morning or late evening (GMT -4).

I want this to be as fair and as fun as possible for everyone involved! :D
Due to the fact that the leading answer is Tuesday, I'll tentatively mark the time of property movement at noon (GMT -4) tomorrow.
Oh, no! There's a tie...

Guys, vote more!
(06-27-2017, 03:33 AM)TEF Wrote: Oh, no! There's a tie...

Guys, vote more!

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Well, Tuesday is leading again :P
Guess it's today but hot damn I only have my Macbook Pro these days I installed Parallels last night and it's working smooth but I can't find my GTA:SA disk, so all depends on whether I can torrent a decent copy today since piratebay is down. The Steam version is only £3.49 at the moment I was so close to buying it but something clicked and I remembered SA-MP doesn't work with Steam (Damn you Kalcor).
Alright, everyone! Tuesday is now officially the winner, so that means today is a go. I'll be in-game beginning at noon (GMT -4) and make the move at some point between then and 1:00p. I look forward to seeing all of you! :)
Looks like I have bad luck, an unexpected powercut. 

I hope the power will come back before that :p

EDIT: Got power back! GOD IS WITH ME!
Wait, I'm confused what is GMT - 4
Internet officially dead :(

(Using friends WiFi in his house)