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New Crewmembers!
Hello Guys!

Without further ado, I present to you the newest members of the crew team, both have shown dedication and interest in helping grow and maintaining a safe, secure and fair gameplay for every LVP regular every time they have been given temporary rights. And today we are honored to welcome both Humza and Finisha as we agreed they would be a great addition to team as well as making a longer admin coverage over a different timezones. Well earned and congratulations!

On behalf of The Las Venturas Playground Crew,
Congratulations and Welcome to the crew! :)
Congratulations guys
Congratulations both! Well deserved!!
gg  _O-
Congratulations Finisha, well deserved! You too Humza, congratulations!
Two new kids.. pathetic
One is Fam <3 and other one is good friend. congratulations to both of them... :)