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MartinEZ Intro
Hey mate, good to see you back in this game. Hope you'll have fun!
@Housma - Thanks mate ^^
@Shark - Sure, add me on steam (M4rtinZ).Well yeah i passed the whole game but there are two sides of the story if you cure his girlfriend or that other woman.Plus i'm thinking of buying the DLC with the unleased videos/stories thing
@Holsje - Yeah it's great ^^ Thanks
@Finisha - Can't wait to see you mate
@Phucker - Thanks ^^
@Weezy - Thanks, always loved WW more then RW
@LukaZ - Hey mate, thanks.Since when do you play here 
@Humza - We will probably see each other battling ::)
@Ricky92 - Enjoying it so far
Resident Evil 7 spoilers ahead:

there's not that much of a difference between those choices, except a lil change in the ending plus one skippable fight, but go ahead it's a great game and I'll eventually replay it in a while. the DLC seems a bit 2 expensive for what it is but there is a free DLC coming soon, just hope it's not being chris redfield killing everything.
Since 2015 martinz  :)
(03-23-2017, 11:03 AM)[V]MartinZ Wrote: @Holsje - Yeah it's great ^^ Thanks

Even got my wanted rank already in new season

[Image: 69cab5734c.png]
3 grand champions vs semi-pro, pro and veteran

talk about beating up dead people lmfao

added you both
Ohey Martinz, Long time mate.
Welcome back! Your name sounds somewhat familiar.
Welcome to LVP enjoy your stay 👌