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PART 1 --->
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Watching the movement of Samp, I always looked for a new refuge .. tried to open new horizons in the game .. find my new, the true path.
Fate was not long to wait for me .. and I came across a Magic Island. There I gained my mental equilibrium SAMP.
My life is divided into two parts .. on QUIPT and Lombart Leopardo (which became the holy way of the monk).
In the story of the game I is divided into a plane and get on island magic .. where to survive I have to get food and infinite quests related to the work.
[Image: sa_mp_203.png]
On the server, there is a rigid system of rules -
1. Do not inviting (on other servers use information and other communications systems - is prohibited)
2. A clear compliance with the rules.
3. The system of donations (Donate)
[Image: sa_mp_244.png]
I have chosen the way of a citizen on this server.. there is credible war and wealthy VIP players. I, in turn, did not participate in the battles,
and as always try to just make myself.
[Image: sa_mp_342.png]
I have to earn a housing, a car, get a gun for protection and
to learn a magic to choose a side fraction -
[Image: sa_mp_596.png]
There are several factions of the ruling on the Magic Island:
1. Angels (light)
They descended from the heavens to protect the island from mischief.
2. Demons (dark)
got out of the ground to do evil.
3. Guardians (administration)
To keep order on the server
4. Keepers - Protect magic sets forces on the main island of magic based from mischief.
5. Zombie (dead people) live in the desert and hunt all others to infect them with the virus. They seek to increase their population on the island.

As that one day I infected zombies (chainsaw killing me) .. and I have to find the antidote, had cut off the zombies head and rolled to withdraw
in hospital.Few times i made it. No it like that time I was infected by the virus.I was transformed as Zombie.
[Image: sadsa.png]
[Image: sa_mp_863.png][Image: sa_mp_988.png]
To become again the man I was supposed to on the highest mountain of the monks gather ten sacred flowers of life.
[Image: sa_mp_390.png]
They appear every hour on the server .. After I had been trained to Alchemy potion transformations. To do this, I collected in the forest a magical herb(hemp).
After collecting the right amount of ingredients, I became a man.
[Image: sa_mp_609.png]
Then .. I mined transported gold,
[Image: sa_mp_362.png]
fished in the waters, and preparing her
[Image: sa_mp_563.png][Image: sa_mp_619.png]

[Image: sa_mp_616.png]
... sometimes I robbed other inhabitants of the island, for which I went to jail.
[Image: sa_mp_491.png][Image: sa_mp_358.png][Image: sa_mp_202.png]
[Image: sa_mp_357.png]
There I sewed clothes shipped coal, and a couple of times, making a tunnel and ran. I was declared wanted.
One time I tried to capitalize on that lure in newcomers car and take them to the lair of zombies. For that I received some money.
I led a solitary game. I grew and developed.

Earned money I bought two books of magic.

1. Book Battle Magic. (I could blow up the opponent with the help meteorita.No of it is the defense - Devil's Ring)
2. The Book of deterrence. (With it I could dazzle an opponent (making him blind), and freeze him, and create my own clone)
Now I collect the money that would buy a ring of fire out of hand .. to start a fire and kill everything in its path ..
High magic - My goal.
To use magic, I cook saint manna from apples, peace and war .. as well as medicinal herbs. With manna I also can use teleporters, almost to any place

I have a pet (a giant parrot for example or other). To get it, I had to find it as an artifact. I can fly on it like on a plane
across the map.

But as well, I do not forget to feed him raw fish.
While there is a war between light and good, I fish, I work on the ranch, and various state enterprises.
Once a week I go to the fountain of power, which would have a drink out of it and get the power,
[Image: sa_mp_765.png]
as I attend a school of magic.


WAR of fractions --- >
(07-05-2016, 03:19 PM)QUIPT Wrote: Thanks for reading all this shit.  _O_

Wow haha its not shit, that's really cool! Thanks for sharing this information and history about this community and yourself :) , must've took so much time to recollect all this memories and type it :D

I think some images are broken, fix'em :P

Good Luck!
(02-25-2017, 04:48 PM)sau Wrote:
(07-05-2016, 03:19 PM)QUIPT Wrote: Thanks for reading all this shit.  _O_

Wow haha its not shit, that's really cool! Thanks for sharing this information and history about this community and yourself :) , must've took so much time to recollect all this memories and type it :D

I think some images are broken, fix'em :P

Good Luck!


no. they not broken. all pics visible.
Yeah it was my browser issues, fixed now :)
Oh wow them fireballs are fucking cool!!! Never knew that was possible, Amazing to see what some scriptwriters can do!

Nicely done Quipt! :)
nice videos ;)
(01-03-2018, 03:08 PM)QUIPT Wrote: Well, i wanna proud and another time i wanna prove u guys about SAMP power...
I know you wont to belive,.. but today i finally got 3rd SAMP MAGIC LEVEL on a SAMP Magic island..
My MONK's power is growing!!!!!!!! follow me my brothers and you will know the REAL SAMP POWER!!!!!!
aaaand i just need to earn 1500000 $ for to buy a magic RING of FIRE for to get HIGHERS MAGIC!!!!
and now my Magic book and this RING can do this >>>

Talking with a main monk teacher >>

[Image: sa-mp-144.png]

[Image: sa-mp-145.png]

Sitting near with my older monk brother... >>>

[Image: sa-mp-146.png]

[Image: sa-mp-147.png]

[Image: sa-mp-148.png]

Discussing with my monks brothers (talking about REAL  SAMP magic) >>>

[Image: sa-mp-149.png]

[Image: sa-mp-150.png]

[Image: sa-mp-151.png]

[Image: sa-mp-152.png]

(01-16-2018, 06:26 PM)QUIPT Wrote: MIGHTY MAGIC OF LOMBA.LEO MONK!!!!

finally got hight level of magic


firstable.. you should chase and follow,

[Image: image.png]

then you should have a patience.. and cold breathe..
[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]
then, you should stand as attacker..

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

Then a judgement time should be recived..
[Image: image.png]

Burn mother fucker.. BURN EVOL !!!!

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[Image: image.png]


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[Image: image.png]
Hell of a story
Rare adventures you have Q lol
[Image: c_602.png]

[Image: c_605.png]

[Image: c_607.png]