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Minecraft Server
Is the server still online? Just re-installed MC.
(08-20-2018, 03:31 PM)SolidRock Wrote: Is the server still online? Just re-installed MC.

Yup! Server is still online!

Send me your Minecraft IG Name VIA PM here on sa-mp, and I will add you to the Whitelist and send back the IP.

We are currently running the latest version (1.13)

Also channel #Overdosed on the irc.gtanet.com IRC Server has a bot setup to echo the server.

Amazing to see this community still active! Is this server still going?

If so, username: NjCrothers

I'm really miss LVM!!

Hope all you guys are doing well! Would be great to jump in a server with you lot again. I tried playing minecraft again recently, so much has changed, I felt like such an old bastard! Like bringing a 3310 into the genius bar ahaha

Maybe see you guys around :)