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Introduction form
Introduction Topic
If you want to introduce yourself, you are free to do so.
Mostly this means a short description of yourself, what games do you play, where do you live, your age...
You may post anything you want, as long as it's not against the law, and our forum rules.

Feel free to copy and paste the below example for your introduction:

[b]Ingame Name:[/b] text
[b]Real Name:[/b] text
[b]Country:[/b] text
[b]Age:[/b] text
[b]Birthday:[/b] text
[b]Gender:[/b] text
[b]Other Games:[/b] text
[b]Playing SA-MP Since:[/b] text
[b]Playing on LVP Since:[/b] text
[b]Introduction:[/b] text

Replace "text" your own details.

The code above looks like:

Ingame Name: text
Real Name: text
Country: text
Age: text
Birthday: text
Gender: text
Other Games: text
Playing SA-MP Since: text
Playing on LVP Since: text
Introduction: text