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New, more detailed statistics
We're experimenting with a new system that will allow us to gather much more detailed statistics about what happens on Las Venturas Playground. We have a few ideas of what to do with this data ourselves, but we'd like to hear your creative ideas too.

To give you an idea of the sort of data we're thinking about, let's take a look at what Huracan did in the past two days...
  • Huracan connected to the server 12 times.

  • He fired a weapon 4,825 times. Of those, 2,925 (60.62%) missed, 1,245 (25.8%) hit another player, and 655 (13.58%) hit a vehicle. These shots were aimed at 15 unique players.

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, but 69.9% of these "shots" where made using a spray can. However, he also used the M4 144 times, made 397 shots from a sawn-off shotgun and shot 687 times using a Uzi. On average, these shots did 4.187 health points of damage. He made 147 headshots.

  • He died 12 times, and was killed by other people 21 times. There are a few things he likes to say, notably "xd", although he's also repeatedly interested in knowing when Shem was last online.
Moving away from Huracan a little bit, there's a lot more we can derive from this data of course. We have a super cool dashboard with more numbers, and are actively thinking about more ways to extend this. Volume is not an issue: we've gathered 775,799 data points in the past two days, and are ready to scale this up much further.

Initially we'll use this for analysis, understanding what happens on the server and, notably, how people fight. We'll then think about ways to interpret this data that may enable us to decisively catch aimbotters, among other kinds of cheats. Or, on a more positive note, automatically create a map showing the route a recent cruise drove, or create much more detailed graphs to display on your profiles.

What kind of statistics or graphs would you love to see from Las Venturas Playground, or your playing sessions on the server?
First off, I really appreciate being featured here, so thank you for that (a bit like when Lithirm made the front page)
At the moment, I can't think of anything which you haven't already covered, but perhaps I could suggest a 'live' house map using Google API which shows the current houses on the server, bought, available, price, owner etc.
Perhaps we could have gang statistics too? Number of total kills/deaths by the gang, best and worst member, time playing, etc etc. Will be back later with more :P
I'm falling in love with this new statistics. Good job!

(08-03-2016, 10:21 PM)Russell Wrote: although he's also repeatedly interested in knowing when Shem was last online.

<3 <3 <3
Wait, can we actually search other player's statistics, like Russell did to me? :D
(08-04-2016, 01:20 AM)Huracan Wrote: Wait, can we actually search other player's statistics, like Russell did to me? :D

I don't think it's availibale right now, but who knows :D
LOL this is legit in-game stalking
(08-04-2016, 03:26 AM)[V]MeltdowN Wrote: LOL this is legit in-game stalking

Lol, go study to get good grades :D
That's really nice Russell. :) I would like to suggest some things which come to my mind.
  • Most/Least used weapon (bullets fired).
  • Weapon we used to get most/least kills (I believe 'least' doesn't matter much.Maybe consider the first 5-7 weapons they mostly used,to avoid everyone getting spraycan or something as least used weapon,perhaps.)
  • Number of headshots.
  • Number of times died by falling.
  • Number of deaths we have by each weapon ( or weapon which killed us most.)
  • Number of cruises joined.
  • Number of races won.

    When it comes to gangs:
  • the gang with most kills/deaths
  • Member in a gang who got most kills/deaths.
  • Most used weapons by the gang,headshots, just like the ones I suggested above except it shows statistics of a gang rather than individual.

P.S: Kinda offtopic,but perhaps we can also create new achievements like,get a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon,get a certain number of heashots and such.Might encourage deathmatching too,when players see achievements like Sawnoff King (get 2500 kills with sawnoff shotgun) and such.Also achievement for joining cruises,races to encourage free roamers.Just sharing my thoughts since only drift and reactiontest achievements remains for me to be completed. :D
You can also add, how many time expensive properties bought and Number of MoneyBags collected and the Number of Merchant Vehicle Delivered and this all this data can be used to make new achievements and if possible then IRC stats :p ,Btw I like this Idea. GL Developers!
First time back here in a while. This looks great.