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LVP 10 Weekend Celebration - Rules, prizes, and how to win!
Hello everyone,

It's almost time to start a weekend of fun here at Las Venturas Playground and being that there are actual prizes to be won, there will have to be some rules that everyone must follow in order to be eligible for any prizes they may win.

How to Win:

Prize giveaways are based on the amount of participation in events and the amount of deaths caused by each player on the server this weekend. There may be other special point earning competitions that fall outside of this structure, as decided by LVP Management. This will be tracked per account, so be sure that you are registered if you want a chance to win! Points for each player will be added up and the player with the most points will be awarded the grand prize. The second, third, and fourth highest point earning players will be awarded the second place prize.
  • Participation in an event is equal to 5 points
  • Killing any player is equal to 1 point.
These points will be tallied beginning at 8PM GMT+2 (Dutch Time) on Friday, the 20th of May and continue being tallied until Midnight on Sunday, the 22nd of May, GMT+2.


Grand Prize: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card (1 winner)
Second Place: Game of Your Choice at cdkeys.com (up to 40 euros) (3 winners)

There will also be special VIP events held through out the weekend that offer smaller prizes. Winners of the VIP events are still eligible to be a winner of the first place or second place prizes.

If a winner so wishes, prizes awarded may also be substituted for a charitable donation to a charity of their choosing.


While we do plan to be more lenient this weekend, there are actual prizes at stake and we want everyone to have a fair chance to win. By participating in any events, you agree to adhere to the rules. LVP's normal server rules can be found here and still apply. Here's a little more clarification specific to your eligibility to win prizes for your participation this weekend.
  • Any player caught using any sort of software that enhances their gameplay in a way that gives them an unfair advantage in any way will be disqualified and have any previous points revoked as well as the ability to gain future points.
  • Any player that is a major annoyance will be given warning, players having multiple offenses will be removed from the server and potentially disqualified at the discretion of the Las Venturas Playground Staff.
  • Not having fun will result in a multiple life ban!
Las Venturas Playground Staff reserves the right to remove any player and disqualify any player as they see fit for bad behavior that may or may not be listed above. Every contest has to have some ground rules. 

We will of course be fair with everyone. After all, this is a celebration of LVP and its players!

Thank You,
The Staff at Las Venturas Playground