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Full Version: Any old folks from 2007?
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Any old dogs from 2007 still around? had no idea that this forum will be alive for more than 10 years... estroe still around? maddolis? old gangs?
no chance of anyone around

SAMP is already dead :X
dang.... no wonder lol.... my samp doesnt even work anymore.... does lvp still have a server?
that was a long ass time ago
I wish I was a guy from 2007 !!
2007 - 2010 was the best days of my life hahah playing all day and and no care in the world, no bills no rents, no wife, no kids hahha But i think i remember overdosed name, u were in BA clan, no? 12 years ago..... damm!!!!
Hell yeah man, fat and red forever!
[BA]Overdosed was me!

The cl0wn gang, B&A

(05-11-2019, 05:04 AM)Dr.Specifer Wrote: [ -> ]I wish I was a guy from 2007 !!

I knew it, ya aint even 12 y/o
Overdosed sucks
(05-12-2019, 02:56 PM)striker Wrote: [ -> ]Overdosed sucks

no usux
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